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Are you paralyzed by clutter?

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Tired of searching for things you can't find?

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Know where to start but having trouble creating systems that last?

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That's where I come in!

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Hey there, new friend. 👋

My name is Alicia Benedict. I am a 31-year-old dog mom from the midwest - living my DREAM life on the beautiful beaches of North Carolina.


I'm passionate about fitness, music, coffee, and traveling but my GREATEST passion in life is helping other women become their most productive selves by teaching them the skill of organization!

As an ADHD Productivity Expert,

I help professional women like YOU learn how to structure your space for success + build organizational systems that not only get your home in order but will also get you organized in ALL aspects of your life.

How would you feel if I told you I could...


  • REDUCE your overwhelming stress due to clutter

  • CREATE functional systems that keep you organized in EVERY area of your life that are     easily maintained 

  • Build a CUSTOMIZED reward system that makes organizing fun + gives you a natural boost of dopamine to prolong productivity and enthusiasm

The Organized by Alicia Method

I created the signature OBA method back in 2020. I realized that Professional Organizing was my calling, thus, OBA was born. I knew that I was put on this earth to TRANSFORM women's lives with something that I loved to do and from that moment on, I couldn't be stopped.


Helping women take their space back ignites my soul on FIRE 🔥 And the best part is... an organized home is just the beginning of the metamorphosis you will undergo with OBA on your side. 

The 3 Step Process:

Pull and Purge

Organize + Categorize

Give it a Home

Step 1:


Pull everything out of that drawer or cabinet and put it in a pile.


*You want to start your organizing journey with a fresh slate so that you can build your new space from a creative headspace. 😊

Purge any unwanted items. Get rid of any unneeded duplicates.

Step 2:


Start building your system.


Give all of your items a category to belong to. Decide how you will organize your items and build your categorical system.

*Everyone works differently when it comes to being organized. We will try different strategies to find what organizational method works best for you.


You could categorize your items by color, theme, way you use the items, etc.

Step 3:


Create a home for EVERYTHING you own


*This is the most crucial step to maintaining your organizational systems.


Your item's "home" is its assigned place. If everything has a home, there's no reason for things to be out of place or lost.

Once everything has found its home you will just need to update your organization with monthly maintenance to keep a neat and tidy space.

What our clients are saying...

"OBA is AMAZING! Super friendly and professional. She helped me identify & tackle many barriers inside my own home. From the kitchen, to closets, even the laundry room! No more extra steps or back and forth for me!"



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