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I'm a

FITNESS loving, VIBRANT hearted,


military BRAT

from Topeka, Kansas.

But, you can just call me Alicia.

I grew up in a house with structure but, I have not always been organized...

Here's my story.


I honestly struggled with disorganization for

a really long time.

I always LOVED the idea of organization, but I didn't have the discipline or skills to maintain it in my home.

 •    •    •  

After many years of rebuying things I already owned & constantly searching for things I couldn't find,

I had finally had


I was going to learn how to become organized...

So that's what I did, and my life was



During quarantine, I decided that I didn't want keep this experience to myself ANYMORE! 


I wanted to give others the feeling I felt when I took control over my SPACE and my LIFE.

 By teaching others how to become organized, I get to share my AMBITION with the world.

And as I am very much an enneagram 2, I love that I get to help others along the way.

Organizing is my PASSION!

And now, I have learned the tools

I needed to help you

          Take Your Space Back!                                                         

Organized by Alicia is located in the beautiful city of Wilmington, North Carolina. 

"I started this company to help people! Organizing has always been a passion of mine and now I get to teach others my tips and tricks! I've found that most people have a system for organizing their home, but it's not usually the most effective. That's where I come in! Teaching others to use organizing tools PROPERLY, in the spaces they use the most, helps EVERYONE in the home live a happier more STRESS-FREE life!"


CEO & Founder 

 Our goal is to help busy women like


learn the skill of organization,

to help create a better life for yourself

and your loved ones.

Using the OBA method, we will create a home you can be proud of

& give you the tools to bring organization into every piece of your life.

Free Tip Sheet: Top 20 Organizing Tools

Living Room

OBA can help you...

Take your space back.

  • Reduce Stress

  • Save time & energy

  • Improve your relationships

  • Streamline Processes


       And most importantly

  • Enjoy your space

Living Room
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