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 I was overwhelmed, cramming and stuffing my cabinets. Alicia helped me turn my kitchen around!"

- Jess

Kitchen Cleanse

  • Get rid of DUPLICATE items

  • Create ZONES in your cooking stations

  • Build the kitchen of your DREAMS

If you're anything like me, the kitchen is one of the BUSIEST places in your home. Together we can assemble a kitchen that melds order and functionality. 

Fridge Storage

  • Construct a system that works for EVERYONE

  • Fridge Bin Organization

  • OBA Method for keeping track of perishable items

The fridge can get disorganized QUICKLY, especially for larger families. With the OBA method, maintaining order in your fridge is painless. 

Pantry Coordination

  • Get rid of EXPIRED items

  • Categorizing by food groups

  • Cultivating a plan for future items to MAINTAIN organization

Since the pantry is already for storage, it is often forgotten about when it comes to tidying up. I want you to walk into your pantry and feel INSPIRED.

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