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Thank you so much OBA, for everything!

You have totally changed my life at home, it's so satisfying looking at that closet!"


Clothes Hanging

  Closet Purge  

  • Helping you thin out your collection

  • Donate lightly used clothing to a charity of your choice

  • Create space for NEW items

Feel excited to get dressed again in your ONE OF A KIND closet. Make your personal space your FAVORITE space with the OBA Method. 

  Clothing Reorganization  

  • Color Coordinating hung items

  • Generating a system that MAKES SENSE

  • Create a home for EVERYTHING

Sometimes your closet has too much space. Sometimes your closet has not enough space. Regardless of your issue, there is a creative solution. Let's find it together.

  Personalized Closet Customization  

  • Switching out hangers

  • Labeled Containers

  • Folding Techniques

Do you like an aesthetic vibe in your closet? Let's create one! I know all the tips and tricks to a GLAMOROUS wardrobe.

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