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Clock and Plant

She did a fantastic job getting my files in order. Alicia is very professional

and punctual. I HIGHLY appreciate her services."


  E-Filing Systems  

  • Email Management

  • Cloud Storage Organization

  • I.T. Solutions

Whether you struggle with 7,000 emails in your inbox or your paying WAY TOO MUCH money for Cloud storage, I have a FOOLPROOF method for getting your online filing system whipped into shape!

  Filing Cabinet Detox  

  • Sorting / Purging Paperwork

  • Creating a Filing System

  • Labeling

Paperwork is my FAVORITE! There is no pile too big. Together we can set you up with a professional filing system that will be effortless to maintain and EASILY manageable.

  Custom Workspace Curation  

  • Creating a "Home" for All 

  • Desk Organization

  • MAXIMIZE Office Space

Make your workday MORE productive by simplifying your office space. Let me show you the way to a happier more STRESS-FREE office!

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