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The Yo-Yo Organizing Syndrome


Do you suffer from going back and forth in trying to become organized? Maybe you've started an organizing project but only got halfway through. Perhaps you've organized your space but over time forgotten where you've assigned your items. It could be that you've tried over and over again to figure out where to start but the stress of it all made you shut down, close the door, and never attempt to organize again...

Trust me, girlfriend, we’ve ALL been there. 💁‍♀️After enough attempts, becoming organized can start to feel like an endless cycle of doom. It sounds dramatic but if you've been there before, you totally get it.


Many people don’t realize how much ADHD influences your ability to truly get organized.

Your enthusiastic “starts” often lose momentum quickly, making it feel like there’s no end in sight. Your order of operations gets a little fuzzy… while you're trying your best to stay focused, there are just too many things to sort through. You become trapped in a cycle of starting and stopping with little -actual- progress, which leaves you discouraged toward your next attempt.

All these barriers make you feel as though it's impossible for you to become an organized person. Yet again, the inner joy of an organized space remains out of reach, and chaos is looming over you once more...🌩️


No ma'am! Not today. We are no longer filling our heads with these hopeless thoughts!

I know EXACTLY what’s wrong because I’ve been there. You don’t have to feel like this ever again - - I am here to help you. Along with learning how to organize, I will help you build that positive mindset you need to achieve your goals! We are beautiful, capable, fantastic, and amazing human beings! Say goodbye to mind drama and HELLO to your BRAND NEW LIFE 💛

You and I are a team. We are going to break that negative thought cycle and take back your control over your space + mind. Together we will build a space that complements who you are + the lifestyle you want to live.

Whether you are:

  1. Starting an organizing project but not finishing it

  2. Organizing a space but not maintaining it

  3. Buying an organizing tool that you swore you would use, but never using it.

You are the victim of the Yo-Yo Organizing Syndrome + I’m going to tell you exactly how to fix it.


Just like a yo-yo diet, your system is too extreme. What are the steps that you are following? Have you created a plan that is clear and easy to follow? Do you know what goals you have for the space? What methods of organization will benefit you the most in that space? This constant struggle to cultivate consistency only ends up hindering your progress and that's exactly why you need me in your corner. How can you become consistent when you're swinging the bat with a blindfold on?

We have ALL struggled with this in one way or another. Every. Single. One of Us.

You've got to

  1. Slow down. Take it one step at a time.

  2. Build a plan. Map out the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

  3. Ask yourself questions like “How do I use this space?” “What items do I want to live in this space?” “Where do I already succeed in organizing and how can I incorporate that system to work in my problem areas?”

It's natural to want to just jump in and immediately fix the paralyzing feeling that you feel when you're disorganized. The issue is that you're fixated on the END goal without building a roadmap on how to get there.

This isn’t your fault. You WANT to get organized but you have never learned HOW to become organized.



If you think about it, your toolbelt only consists of using the natural skills you've been given and a few tricks you've picked up along the way.

  • You never studied these organizational systems in school.

  • Your parents didn't sit you down and teach you how to organize your things in a way that makes sense to you.

  • You’ve never talked to your friends about their organizing techniques + strategies.

So basically, unless you are born completely incredible at organizing, you’re going to find areas where you struggle… that is TOTALLY NORMAL. Even I have taken courses to sharpen my organizing skills. I want to know the most efficient ways to build my systems but beyond that, I need to know the best way to help others.

My clients might respond better to different organizing systems other than the ones I use for myself. There’s no one solution, it’s not a one size fits all situation. Everyone must build a system that is specific and unique to them. A system that they can remember, that feels natural and addresses the areas that they regularly struggle with.

Organization is a skill just like any other. Some are born naturally good at it while others have to work harder to learn it but that doesn’t make it impossible to achieve. Rihanna wasn’t born Rihanna✨... She spent many years practicing her skills, performing, using her creativity, learning, growing, and ultimately building a billion-dollar empire. That didn’t happen overnight and she certainly didn’t figure it all out completely on her own without anyone else's help.

You may have created a few ineffective systems that have convinced you that organizing isn't something you are capable of doing. That’s just simply untrue. You have to practice to become better and that’s exactly what we are going to do, together.


The goal of Organized by Alicia is to entirely change your thinking and approach to the organizing process. Organizing shouldn’t be overwhelming, it all breaks down to the same few simple steps. I want to help you create a simple yet reliable method that works for you every time no matter the task. No good idea works without the correct foundation. It’s my job to help you build it.

The OBA method assesses your natural way of organizing, tweaking the parts that are not working, and rebuilding a new system that you can use in any area of your life. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, let’s work together to build the system that you have been searching for.

Our space should encourage who we are, what we want, and where we are going. My friend, you can no longer afford to be disorganized and you don't have to be! Pop a message in my inbox and let’s take your space back.

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