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Your Biggest Fear...


When most people think about hiring someone to organize their home, they are often struck with the same few emotions:

  • Embarrassment

  • Fear

  • Shame

That's because hiring a Professional Organizer is incredibly difficult to do, with or without ADHD. You're letting a complete stranger come into your home, go through all your stuff, and see everything you own which makes you feel completely vulnerable to someone you've only just met - - most of your friends and family aren't even this personal with you.

Trust me, girl, I get it.🙋🏽‍♀️I see this all the time! It's incredibly common and OK to feel these feelings. When I go to an initial organizing session, my clients automatically feel embarrassed. They have already assumed before I show up that "I’ve never seen anything as bad as their home” and that "it’s too much to handle."

Then the fear creeps in. They are sure that there is little I can do to help them because of many failed attempts to get organized on their own. The shame of needing someone to help them really is the icing on the cake - - and now you've convinced yourself that you just aren't an organized person and it's something you are completely unable to do.


Well, hello my friend! 👋 I'm here to assure you that this is absolutely NOT the case. Organizing is hard work. Not only does it take a lot of time and physical energy, but it takes a lot of mental energy as well.

Did you know that ADHD influences your ability to self-regulate, plan, shift focus, and manage time appropriately? It can be very daunting to tackle an organizing project when your brain is fighting against you the entire time. For some, having a coach or a mentor helps keep that focus engaged and you on track toward your organizing goals 🤓I have yet to work with someone that I couldn't help but I will tell you that it all starts with your mindset.

I don't want you to feel any of those feelings I listed above. Negative self-talk isn't going to get you anywhere and it certainly isn't true! I want you to feel excited when I arrive and know that relief is on its way! I think sometimes people forget that organizers choose this line of work for a reason. I created an entire business so that I can do exactly what I LOVE to do! Organizing is something that I choose to do. Helping women with ADHD structure their space for success + implement organization in their life lights my soul on FIRE 🔥 It's something I am good at naturally and have taken certification classes to perfect. I want to help you be successful.


Most studies show that an ADHD brain functions at a very high rate, higher than normal. You're constantly shifting focus because your brain is highly alert and has a quicker reaction time than the average brain. Just because you work differently doesn't make you incapable. It makes you the wonderful + creative person that you are!

But because of this quick firing system, your organizing attempts might start with a huge burst of motivation + clarity that is quickly shot down after you have hyperfocused on which drawer you want to put your pants in for 30 minutes. ADHD specifically affects your ability to focus, make decisions, and prioritize.


That's where I come in! I come up with a plan to get you organized, a system that is easy to remember, and a transference of skills to KEEP you organized even after I'm gone.

I work 1:1 with my clients to help them learn the techniques they need to keep their space organized after I’m finished setting up their process. ADHD doesn't have to define your capabilities. In fact, it doesn't❗️It might just mix up the steps you take to get to your destination 🤪

I also want to assure you that it won’t take us years to get your space in order, even hoarders can get completely organized within a few months. When you have the right strategies, your brain can do amazing things! Don't let analysis paralysis hold you back any longer. I am here to help you make these organizational decisions you need to move forward.



When I think about organizing, I feel excited, relieved, and ultimately accomplished because I know that organizing is a great feat. I love knowing from the moment we are finished, your life will be easier, your space will be more manageable, and you will feel lighter all around! I LOVE that feeling and I especially love being able to pass that feeling along to others.

Organizing can be stressful. It’s really hard to go through all of your own things, figure out what you don’t need, and how to create a proper home for everything. One of the nice parts about hiring a professional is that I do this all the time. This is what I was BORN to do.

It’s my passion and I can guarantee you that your home isn’t the craziest, most disorganized place I’ve ever seen, and even if it is... I’ve yet to come across a space that was impossible to get in order. That’s because, with the OBA method, any space (no matter how overwhelming) is able to be organized. That’s exactly what I do - get you organized.


At Organized by Alicia, we like to focus on the solution and not the problem. There are many psychological barriers, hidden deterrents, and common errors that we all make when trying to get organized. Coming up in future blogs, we will be doing a deeper dive into these psychological blocks and how to conquer them!

As an ADHD’er, you are no stranger to restructuring your brain to get past psychological roadblocks. Your brain has adapted to working one way when the world says to work another. Knowing the right way to interpret that information and use that energy in a more productive way will help you achieve your organizing goals and make every day feel a little bit easier than the day before.

Let’s attack disorganization together! Discover your own power to attain organization, learn how to stay organized, and start to be your most productive, advantageous self!

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